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The activities of the Directorate for Railways in the field of international cooperation include the cooperation with the Intergovernmental Organisation for International Carriage by Rail – OTIF. This cooperation implies participation in the drafting of all parts of the basic convention on international rail traffic, the COTIF Convention, participation in the work of different organs of OTIF and execution of the mentioned Convention, such as keeping of the National Register of Vehicles and certification of persons in charge of maintenance (ECM).

Within its competence, the Directorate cooperates with other international and regional organizations from the railway sector, such as the European Union Agency for Railways (ERA), Transport Community, Independent Group of Railway Regulatory Bodies (IRG-Rail), International Organisation for Transportation by Rope (O.I.T.A.F), etc. It also cooperates with the authorities of other countries responsible for the safety and interoperability of railway traffic, regulation of the railway market and operation of cableways.


In the field of European integration, the Directorate participates in all stages of pre-accession negotiations in the field of railway transport and cableways and, together with the relevant ministry, prepares all necessary documents related to the preparation of the Republic of Serbia for the accession to the EU. These activities include participation in the work of the Negotiating Group for Transport, the Negotiating Group for Trans-European Networks and the Negotiating Group for the Movement of Goods, as well as the Sub-committee on Transport, Energy, Environment, Climate Change and Regional Development.

The Directorate also, in cooperation with the Ministry of European Integration, continuously participates in the implementation of the Government's Conclusion regarding the preparation of the Serbian version of the EU Acquis and, within this framework, carries out technical review of EU regulations translated into the Serbian language within its competence. In addition, the Directorate participates in the work of the Working Group for technical review of translations of EU legal acts, as well as in preparing the list of priority documents for translation and technical review in accordance with the results of constant monitoring of EU legislation and based on the criteria for nominating priorities for translation.

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