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The Directorate for Railways, as a state authority of the Republic of Serbia, performs its activities within the railway sector as stipulated by the Law on Railways, Railway Safety Law, Railway Interoperability Law, Law on Cableways and Law on Metro and City Railways.

The main activities of the Directorate are related to the regulation of the railway services market, regulation of safety and interoperability of railway traffic, passenger rights and operation of cableways and specific traction installations. In addition, the Directorate adopts bylaws based on the powers stipulated by the above laws and realizes international cooperation within its competences.

In accordance with European Union regulations, the Directorate has the role of a railway market regulatory body, body responsible for issuing licenses in railway transport, national safety authority and a designated body for verifying subsystems and assessing conformity and suitability for use of elements of structural subsystems.

Through its work, the Directorate enables further harmonization of domestic legislation in the field of railways with European regulations in order to create equal conditions for all participants in the railway services market, to raise the level of safety and enable interoperability, i.e. unhindered railway traffic, thus contributing to greater competitiveness of railways.

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